Meet Jessie

Fighting to Protect the American Dream!


Jessie's Story

Jessie Vargas was born in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA. Jessie and his sister, first generation Americans, were fortunate that their parents came to our county legally to achieve the American dream. Jessie’s father worked hard to provide for his family, working two jobs to provide for his wife and kids. Jessie’s father moved his family to Las Vegas when Jessie was six. His father was attracted to the low crime and the economic opportunity in a new city. Jessie grew up in North Las Vegas where his father taught him the value of hard work. Jessie’s father explained no matter what he chose in life, Jessie needed to give it his all. Jessie’s father insisted that he enroll in an after-school activity to keep him busy and invest in something positive. Jessie chose boxing and learned the responsibility and discipline needed to succeed in the sport.


Education was also a priority for Jessie’s family. School and boxing kept Jessie busy during the week, along with the family business on the weekends. At 13, Jessie, helped his parents and uncle at their business as their first employee. Jessie’s first job helped him gain financial independence, and he learned dedication, consistency, and responsibility.

Jessie applied that same work ethic in the sport of boxing. Though challenged along the way, Jessie proudly accomplished his long-life dream of becoming a 2-time world champion in boxing without forgetting who he was or his core values. Part of achieving his dream was also being able to provide for his parents and family. Jessie proudly lives the American dream today.
Jessie grew up wanting to give back to his community, something he started to focus on at the age of 21. Jessie’s service to community started where he was most familiar - the boxing community and youth system. Through Jessie’s dedication, Clark County formally honored him for helping the community in 2016.

As Jessie continued to work within his community, he became concerned the pursuit of the American dream would no longer be accessible to Las Vegas families like his. Jessie realized our country is headed in the wrong direction. Jessie put boxing on hold and researched how he could help the community preserve opportunity and the American Dream. Jessie wants to help the community that has supported him his entire career.

Jessie wants to represent Nevada properly by being their voice. Jessie believes we’ve had enough of politics as usual. We need change; we need great decision-makers; we need people who will fight for our community and our country, and Jessie is committed to doing what is right by our families! That is why Jessie is running for Congress, to fight to keep opportunities open to our citizens, to benefit our community, and to better the country that gave him and his family opportunities for a better life.