The Plan

Fighting to Protect the American Dream!


Less Government, More Freedom

I'm not a politician.  I know that what makes America great isn't the government ... it's the people.  The same, hard-working people that I grew up around in Vegas are the key to America.  But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris take a different view.  They think the bigger the government, the better.  That's why they've pushed for record spending packages in Washington.  What happens when the government spends more money that it has?  It runs up our national debt and increases the risk of inflation.

I will fight for less spending and more freedom. I want to cut taxes, reduce spending and reform regulations so that small businesses and working families in Vegas can keep and invest more of their own money.  That's how we create new jobs--by putting money in the hands of Las Vegans.  And that's how we stop inflation--by reducing government and stopping out-of-control DC spending.


Creating Good Jobs

As a professional boxer, I know all about the challenges of the marketplace.  I know what's it like to  have to compete, to have to fight for a living.  That's what all of us do in one way or the other.  The job of Washington should be to make it easier for our economy to grow, not harder.  But the Biden and Harris Administration is determined to strangle job growth with excessive regulations, including an unlawful regulation that will require private businesses to force their employees to get vaccinated.

I will fight for our local business.  I will oppose unnecessary regulations and insist that DC regulators stay out of our business.


Stronger Schools

As a father, nothing is more important to me than education.  Yet, too many of our public schools don't train our kids well enough and won't change the way they operate.  The Biden and Harris Administration supports anything the liberal education unions want. Meanwhile, the national Democrats want to see crazy liberal ideas like Critical Race Theory forced on our kids.  This is wrong and this has got to stop.

I will fight for our families and students by demanding accountability in our schools.  If a school can't get a kid the education he or she deserves, then that child should have the option of going to a different school.  That means we need school choice and more charter schools.  We also need to make sure the classrooms of today are training our kids to be the workforce of tomorrow.  That means we need to promote vocational training and trades education.

Safer Communities

I grew up in a rough neighborhood and I've seen gun violence first hand. As a country, for the past few years, we've seen how the Left wants to govern our communities--by defunding police.  And what happens when we cut police?  Crime goes up and innocent citizens pay the price.

I will fight for safer communities by backing the blue.  I am grateful to every police officer on our streets. And my pledge to each one of them is this--I got your back.  I will fight to support our police and ensure they get the resources they need to give us the security and the protection we deserve.

More Secure Borders

As the son of immigrants, I support legal immigration.  There is a right way and a wrong way to come to this country.

I will fight to secure our borders and work to support our Border Patrol agents so that they clean up the mess on the border that Biden and Harris created.


Pro-Life, Pro-Family

As a lifelong Catholic, I know that all life is sacred because all life is made in the image of God. I also know that the family is the most important group in America and must be defended.

I am proudly pro-life and will fight to end the tragedy that is abortion in this country.  And I will support the rights of parents to protect their kids and have a say in their schools.